Charming Harbin

Harbin, a shining peal in the North. With Songhua river meandering through, reflecting her unique style. Winter is the longest of the seasons with snow flakes drifting leisurely on the icy frozen water spread horizontally across the river top.

In Summer Harbin shows off her charms -  the beautiful and colorful European architecture in the midst of the season.


Strolling down along to the Songhua river towards Sun Island enjoying the cool fresh river breeze and shady river banks.  Drive or be driven to Volga Manor enjoying the view of her marvelous Russian architecture and huge expense of gardening, and mash land. And enjoying the authentic Russian folk songs and cultural dance.



Tour in Harbin

Harbin was reputedly known as Oriental Paris and Oriental Moscow with a history dated back to ancient Chinese culture intertwining with European cultural influence. Russians, Jews and European flock here in the early days. Rich with abundance of European style buildings, amongst which are the Majestic Sophia Church and elegant chic Gothic buildings. Walking through the Russian wooden chalet create an unique and exotic ambience feeling.



Eating In Harbin

Cruisine language is essential in this Northern city, Congratulations if you know cruisines like pork stew noodles and chicken mushroom stew. Well, it’s just a very small dot in the menus. Good rich Harbin cruisines are hidden in the depths of the alleys.

The abundance of food in charming Harbin includes the infamous Harbin Smoked Red Sausage, Modern Verdier brand popsicle, Churin drink, the Khleb – Russian bread and a treat to the rich Russian custom and culture Plum Western Restaurant is a must. Let’s get drunk in this city.



I lived in Harbin

North of Russia, and as the capital city of Heilongjiang, accommodation is particularly rich in resources, whether it is the International Youth Hostel or five-star hotel, full of character whether small farm house is full of exotic European-style hotel, one by one to meet your needs . Central Avenue, Gori street, etc., no matter where you can easily find their shadow.


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