2018 Harbin International Marathon Introduction

Harbin International Marathon is hosted by Chinese Athletic Association, Sports Bureau of Heilongjiang Province and Harbin Municipal People's Government, undertaken by Harbin Sports Bureau and Harbin Hama Sports and Culture Development Co., Ltd., and titled and sponsored by Harbin Bank Co., Ltd. It is the largest and most influential large-scale outdoor running sports event in Harbin and surrounding areas. In 2016 Marathon Annual Meeting of Chinese Athletic Association, Harbin International Marathon was rated as the bronze medal race (the highest honor for the first-held race) and was also awarded as “Special Race with the Most Beautiful Race Course”. 2017 the 2nd Harbin International Marathon made outstanding achievement, and was awarded with gold medal by Chinese Athletic Association, directly upgraded from bronze to gold medal.

Harbin will be held on August 26th (Sunday), and it consists of four race events, i.e. full marathon, half marathon, mini marathon and family marathon. Family marathon is a newly-added race event for this year. The total number of runners is expected to reach 30,000. By then, there will be domestic and foreign news media delivering real-time tracking reports of the race.

Harbin International Marathon has been held in accordance with the highest standard of athletics races set by Chinese Athletic Association, and the race has gained unanimous praise in many aspects, including race service, competition level, race course supply, race course atmosphere, etc., and it is recognized as “small Tokyo” by a vast number of runners. All the details presented in the race (e.g. the beautiful medal, generous supply and airport shuttle service) are full of sincerity, and no negative feedback was ever received for the past two Harbin International Marathon events. For this year’s Harbin International Marathon, the Organizing Committee will follow higher standard and requirements to prepare for the race and strive for a new breakthrough to show the features of Harbin, and to make Harbin International Marathon a symbol of Harbin.


    Race Time

Date: August 26th, 2018 (Sunday)


    Starting & Finishing Point of the Race (draw up)

Starting Point: YouYi Road (Central Avenue intersection)
Full Marathon Finishing Point: Harbin Sun Island Sun Stone Square;
Half Marathon Finishing Point: Harbin Century Avenue (Harbin Municipal Square);
Mini Marathon Finishing Point: ShangJiang Street (near Lilac Park);
Family Marathon Finishing Point: Harbin Volunteer Square


    Race Highlights
Family Marathon:

This year, there will be a new race event - family marathon. This race event requires two adults and one minor to participate together. The distance of family marathon is about 3 km, and all family members are required to cross the finishing point in order to complete the family marathon. This race event will definitely be popular with children and parents for its interesting race mode.


Combined with Harbin Summer Music Concert:

2018 Harbin International Marathon takes Harbin Opera House and music as the race elements, combines diversely with Harbin Summer Music Concert and cooperates with local music radio to strengthen and enrich the race course music station, which will show culture and charm of Harbin, “Capital of Music”, to runners and guests.


Love of Charity:

cooperates with Department of Education and Xingxing Foundation to mobilize the communities for raising charity fund. At the same time, the Organizing Committee will provide charity registration quota for Harbin Bank 2018 Harbin International Marathon. All charity registration fee and fund raised in abovementioned events will be used for primary schools in poor remote area in Harbin, disabled and mentally handicapped students and other public charities, which will promote the career of “sports and culture” vigorously and advocate the love of charity of Harbin International Marathon.


Running with East Asian Cultural Capital Runners:

The runners from the cities (Kanazawa, Japan and Busan, Korea) selected as East Asian Cultural Capital are invited to form a run mission square of East Asian Cultural Capital with Harbin cultural communities. The platform of Harbin International Marathon will connect culture and cultural cities tightly to highlight the concept of “Sports and Culture”, and meanwhile provide opportunity for interaction between Harbin International Marathon and activities of East Asian Cultural Capital so that they can learn from each other.


Recruitment of Foreign Runners:

The runners and high-level athletes from all over the world are recruited to promote this race competition and improve the international influence of this race.


Differentiation of Roll-Call Areas:

The Organizing Committee will use unified color on number bibs, entrance of roll-call and race course water column flags for one race event so that the runners can clearly recognize different race events.


Post-Race Service:

Stretch area and foot soak area with cold water will be set up at the finishing point of full marathon and half marathon. A lot of volunteers will provide acid row service for runners to help them recover quickly after the race.


Transportation Service for Runners:

Airport transportation service and high speed rail station guide service will be provided during package pick up period.


Beautiful Medals:

The design of medals is integrated with Harbin local characteristics according to regional features, landmarks and folk customs, which make it both beautiful and distinctive.


Harbin International Marathon Sports Season:

cooperates with government to carry out “Harbin International Marathon Sports Season”. A series of running activities will be held in five counties and districts of Harbin and Run For Fun will be the first stop. The Organizing Committee will carry out public fitness activities in the way that is popular with the masses.


Pre-Race Training Camp:

Pre-Race training camp will be held before the race. Domestic famous athletes will be invited as training camp instructors to provide runners with professional running guide and advice.

Except for the abovementioned wonderful race highlights, the Organizing Committee will also carry out Harbin International Marathon baby collection, Couple’s wedding dress run, solicit advertorial contributions of team, mobile phone photography competition, race review collection and many other theme activities to enrich the atmosphere of the race course, add more elements into Harbin International Marathon and improve the experience of runners.


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