Harbin Bank 2018 Harbin International Marathon

Participant Statement


All the participants shall read the 《Harbin Bank 2018 Harbin International Marathon
Competition Rules》 and 《Harbin Bank 2018 Harbin International Marathon Registration Notice》 carefully before register for the Race. Upon your submission of the registration information, it is deemed that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by all the contents of above two documents, signed and submitted this statement.

As a participant, I, my guardian, my immediate family members, and any person who may file a claim or action on behalf of me hereby make the following statement:

1. It is my own will to register for the Harbin Bank 2018 Harbin International Marathon and all the related events (hereafter referred to as the "Race"), and I have provided the information truthfully and I shall take all responsibilities for any false and untruthful information.

2. I completely understand and commit to abide by all the regulations, rules, requirements and measures made by Harbin Bank 2018 Harbin International Marathon Organizing Committee (hereafter referred to as the "OC").

3. I acknowledge the special requirements and potential risk to my health condition of the Race and have evaluated all the risks and accidents that might occur during the Race. I guarantee that I have carried out physical examination through the qualified medical institutions and l have performed a self-assessment with the medical report. I confirm that my health and mental condition are qualified for any requirement of the Race. I have done adequate training and necessary preparation for the Race. I will take any responsibility of the accident attributable to my health condition or other causes during the Race and will have no claim against the OC of the Race on the accidents, death or any losses arising therefrom.

4. I assure that I will obey the supervision and instruction of the Race referees and staffs during the Race. I will quit from the Race actively if I could not finish the Race before the cut-off time, or in the situation of my own physical discomfort or any emergency on the race track. I assume all the responsibility and consequences of my refusal to quit from the Race in above situations.

5. I agree to take the first aid medical treatment arranged by the OC on the Race day, and I will pay for any cost incurred as a result of the medical treatment and medical care in the hospital.

6.I authorized the OC and designated media to use, free of any charge, my name, portrait, video, voice and other personal information for purpose of the Race organization and promotion.

7. I am willing to receive all the relative information sent or published by OC sponsors.

8. I agree to have myself insured as insurant under the policy of the personal accident insurance offered by the OC, and acknowledged and agreed upon all the pertinent clauses of the insurance contract.

9. I agree to acquire the certificate of achievement of Full Marathon and Half Marathon by myself through printing out on the official website of the Race and WeSports

10.I/my guardian/ my immediate family members have carefully read and fully understood the information above, and hereby acknowledge all the information above and agree to take the legal liability accordingly.

11.I will strictly abide by the regulation of security check and roll-call. I will not carry any dangerous materials into the Race venue, and I will protect the personal safety and the property safety of my own or of the others. I will wear the number bib and sensor timing chip as required and enter into the designated roll call area. I myself guarantee that I will be well behaved, cherish the public facilities, maintain Race environment, and will not conduct any dangerous behavior that might adversely impact or jeopardize the Race order or the personal safety and property safety of my own or of the others.

12.I will not defecate indiscriminately or throw rubbish everywhere. I will cooperate with the environment volunteers before the Race, and throw the rubbish into the rubbish bag to protect the environment and keep the race track clean.

13.I fully acknowledge the potential risks that may occur during the Race, including any known, foreseeable and unpredictable risks which may cause my personal injury or loss of personal assets, or injury or loss of personal assets to a third party. The potential risks include but not limited to: traffic accidents; extreme weather change or nature disasters; risks from heatstroke or other bad health condition caused by the humid weather, poor physical condition, and/or physical discomfort arising from doing exercise; unexpected injure from insects or other animals; other possible potential risks, accidents and injuries. I fully acknowledge and understand the event activities, requirement, intensity and potential risks. I fully understand my physical and mental health condition, and confirm that my health condition is qualified for the participation of the Race. During the Race, if I suffer from loss of consciousness, then I would entrust the OC to take all possible means to first aid automatically, including but not limited to CPR (Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation), AED (external defibrillator), and rent vehicles or aircraft to transfer me to emergency center or hospital. I ensure that I will take full responsibility of related legal liability and relevant costs arising therefrom, and l will not claim any legal liability or economic responsibility against OC and/or the first aid volunteer involved and/or the operator or undertaker of the Race. During the Race, if there occurs any risks, including but not limited to pain, physical injury, irreparable permanent physical injury, sequela, accidents, liabilities and incidents with loss of personal assets, I will take full responsibility of the risks and will not claim against OC or operator of the Race. During the Race, I will take full responsibility for the loss of a third party caused by my behavior, or any liability along with my behavior, and will not have claim against OC or operator of the Race on any loss arising therefrom.

In view of the fact that marathon has certain risks, participant under the age of 18 or above the age of 65 shall have this Participant Statement signed by his/her guardians or immediate/lineal family members, which means that his/her guardians or immediate/lineal family members acknowledge the participant’s participation in "Harbin Bank 2018  Harbin International Marathon", and will take all the potential risks and responsibilities therefrom. Family Marathon participants shall participate as a family unit, which shall contain two adults and one minor (the adults and minor shall have immediate family relationships). Minor participants shall register with the signed disclaimer of their guardians, and they shall only participate in the Race with the escort of at least one of their guardians. I myself, my guardians and immediate/lineal family members have fully understood and agreed with the above content, and guaranteed the authenticity of my age and identity. This file is signed by myself, my guardians and immediate/lineal family members in person. I acknowledge that fake signature is forbidden, and I, my guardians and immediate/lineal family members will bear all the legal liabilities and liabilities to pay compensation arising therefrom.


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