Marathon is an athletic sporting activity of high load and great intensity over long distance as well as an athletic sport with high risk. It has high demands on participants’ physical conditions. Those who desire to participant in marathon race shall be in good health condition with running and relevant training experience over a long time period. Participant may register for one race event from Full Marathon (42.195 KM), Half Marathon (21.0975 KM), Mini Marathon (About 5 KM) and Family Marathon (About 3 KM) in accordance with his/her physical condition and capability.
Harbin International Marathon Organizing Committee (the “OC”) suggests that you shall not register for this race event if you do not fully acknowledge the risk of marathon event.
    Please confirm that you completely understand the risk of marathon event and have the capacity to participate in the race event that you register for.
    In the event of any unexpectedly dangerous and critical situation, I am willing to accept any medical assistance arranged by the OC.

Requirements for participants’ physical conditions:

Anyone suffering from any of the following diseases is not recommended to participate in the race:

i) Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease.
ii) Hypertension and cranial vascular disease.
iii) Myocarditis and other heart diseases.
iv) Coronary artery disease and server irregular heartbeat.
v) Diabetes.
vi) Having cold symptoms within two weeks prior to the race.
vii) Other illness that is not suitable for sports.
viii)Other conditions that are not suitable for the race (Pregnancy, exhaustion, drunk, etc.). The participant shall take full responsibility of his/her personal injury and/or property loss caused by his/her health condition or his/her own behaviors during the race event.

The OC requires the participants to conduct physical examination (including electrocardiography examination - ECG) in qualified medical institutions, and make a self-assessment to confirm that their physical and mental health condition is suitable for the race event of their choice before they register for the race event.

Special Requirements for Participants’ Eligibility

i) Full Marathon participants shall have the experience of completing other full marathon races or have relevant training experience before; Half Marathon participants shall have the experience of completing other half or full marathon races or have relevant training experience before.
ii) The runners shall be the participants registered for the race event as shown in the application form, there is no tolerance for usage of false information to qualify the race or participation in the race event by imposters after registration. Application information and the eligibility of the participants shall be reviewed and approved by relevant authorities (including but not limited to the CAA, public security department, national security department and other relevant authorities) as a precondition of participation. The participants who fail to pass the abovementioned review shall not be regarded as eligible for the race event and the OC will refund their registration fees immediately.

Race Precautionary Measures

i) When a runner has run for about 10-20 minutes, he/she might come to the first "uncomfortable" stage which is also called "the first limit state", this is a normal phenomenon in humans. To come through this stage, the runner may slow down and adjust the breathing or walk for 2-3 minutes. The runner can go on running when this uncomfortable stage is over.
ii) For runners with no marathon race training experience, they might come to a point of physical limit after running for 30 to 35 KM, the symptoms include muscle pain, joint pain, fatigue, and the urge of quitting the race. Should you have any of these symptoms, it is advised to quit the race to avoid further injury or death.
iii) The runner is recommended to mind his/her own pace and not to compete with others.
iv) Marathon has a certain degree of risk that may even lead to sudden death.
v) Participants may take moderate amount of food for breakfast on the race day, and it is recommended to have light food to avoid hypoglycemia.
vi) If a runner feels thirsty before starting the race, drink only small amount of water and do not drink excessively.
vii) On hearing the starting gunshot, stay calm and avoid crowd collision for the safety of yourself and the others.
viii) Do not drink more than 200ml of water at each water station.
ix) When you tie up the shoe laces, slow down and do it at the side curb of the track.
x) When you encounter abdominal pain, slow down and walk for a while, breathe deeply.
xi) When you feel dizzy, stop the race immediately and walk for a while until you feel recovered from the uncomfortable stage.
xii) When you encounter knee or ankle pain during the race, slow down and take walk instead. If the pain remains or worsens, it is recommended to quit the race.
xiii)Accelerate carefully and cautiously when approaching the finishing line. xiv) After cross the finishing line, keep walking for about 5 minutes, keep warm and take some carbohydrate based food.


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